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Your resume summary will be posted on our exclusive JOB SEARCH site.

Our Job Search Resume Site is particularly suited for individuals wishing to live and work in the Southern California - Ventura, Conejo, Simi, Moorpark and San Fernando Valley regions. This site gives local employers access to local job seekers.

You will be allowed to review and edit your resume summary before it is posted. The resume summary format and content should conform to certain standards and Job Search reserves the right not to post a resume summary that does not conform to these standards. These standards were established to help prospective employers quickly review a selection of resumes. Please follow the instructions on the Resume Preparation page.

Your resume summary will remain posted on our exclusive site for 12 months or longer. Each month, Job Search, distributes the resume DataBank to local employers on Floppy Disk or CD-ROM. The Floppy Disk version allows access to the DataBank without Internet log-on.

Job Search will contact you by phone, email or mail when an inquiry for your qualifications are made by a registered employer. Your name, address and phone will only be given to registered companies *after* your approval. Employers will then contact you for an interview. This process provides the greatest security for job seekers who are currently employed and do not wish anyone else to know of their job search. Your Name, Address and Phone number are *never* made public to maintain your privacy.

Once a resume is posted, it will stay for about 12 months, you will receive a notice by mail after 12 months requesting confirmation to leave the resume summary posted for another 12 months. You may post additional resumes (perhaps alternate versions) at any time for an additional $25 fee.

Please direct any other questions to us by email about posting your resume summary.

We would appreciate any comments on our services.