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Your job listing will be posted on our exclusive JOB SEARCH site. This site is visited by hundreds of local job seekers every day! We will help you compose your job ad to be suitable for the Internet (there is usually no restriction on the number of words!).

Our Job Listing Site is particularly suited for individuals wishing to live and work in Southern California. This site gives local job seekers access to local employers.

Your job listing will remain posted for 60 days unless you notify Job Search that it should be removed or extended.

Job seekers will usually contact the employer directly, however, Job Search will contact the employer by mail, phone, fax or email when any messages were sent to Job Search instead of the employer.

Anonymous postings of job listings are possible by using the Job Search email address and an alias name instead of the employers real name, address and phone number. Job Search will assign and maintain all alias names.

Please direct any other questions to us by email or call us at 1-800-794-JOBS about posting your job listings.

You may want to 'cut & paste' the following outline into an email message and return it to us with your job listing details. We will edit your job listing text and allow you to review and approve it before it is posted.


(Optional - specify a range)
JOB DESCRIPTION: (Describe in one or two sentences what the employee is expected to do.)
JOB REQUIREMENTS: (Describe in one or two sentences what qualifications the employee should have, including years of experience, education and special skills.)
COMPANY DESCRIPTION: (Optional but recommended - Simply describe what products or services your company provides, how old the company is, how many employees there are and any other desirable conditions.)

COMPANY NAME: (You may request an alias name from Job Search to keep the job posting confidential. All inquiries will be called in, faxed, mailed or emailed to you. Simply type 'ALIAS NAME'.
COMPANY ADDRESS: (You may request Job Search's address to be used when posting a confidential job position)
COMPANY PHONE/FAX: (Optional but strongly recommended)
COMPANY EMAIL: (Optional but strongly recommended)
COMPANY WEB PAGE: (Optional but recommended if available)

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