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To learn more about Standard Industrial Classifications, job descriptions, working conditions, educational requirements, job outlook and salary ranges please refer to the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics and which can be found in most libraries.

100-99 Agricultural Production - Crops
200-99 Agricultural Production - Livestock
700-99 Agricultural & Environmental Services etc.
800-99 Forestry
900-99 Fishing, Hunting and Trapping MINING
1000-99 Metal Mining
1100-99 Anthracite (Coal) Mining
1200-99 Bituminous coal and Lignite Mining
1300-99 Oil and gas extraction
1400-99 Mining and quarrying of nonmetallic minerals CONTRACT CONSTRUCTION
1500-99 Bldg. construction-general contractors
1600-99 Construction-other
1700-99 Construction-special trade contractors MANUFACTURING
This will select ALL categories from 2000-2999 Or you may select individual choices from the following:
2000-99 Food and kindred products
2100-99 Tobacco manufactures
2200-99 Textile mill products
2300-99 Apparel and other textile products
2400-99 Lumber and wood products
2500-99 Furniture and fixtures
2600-99 Paper and allied products
2700-99 Printing, publishing & Computer Software
2800-99 Chemicals, biomedical and allied products
2900-99 Petroleum and coal products
This will select ALL categories from 3000-3999 Or you may select individual choices from the following:
3000-99 Rubber and plastics products
3100-99 Leather and leather products
3200-99 Stone, clay and glass products
3300-99 Primary metal industries
3400-99 Fabricated metal products
3500-99 Industrial, commercial & computer equipment
3600-99 Electric, electronic equipment & components
3700-99 Transportation equipment
3800-99 Instruments, optical & medical products
3900-99 Miscellaneous manufacturing industries TRANSPORTATION, COMMUNICATIONS, UTILITIES
This will select ALL categories from 4000-4999 Or you may select individual choices from the following:
4000-99 Railroad transportation
4100-99 Local and passenger transportation
4200-99 Motor freight and transportation warehousing
4400-99 Water transportation
4500-99 Pipe line transportation
4700-99 Transportation services
4800-99 Communication / Telecommunications / Radio / TV
4900-99 Electric, gas and sanitary services WHOLESALE TRADE
This will select ALL categories from 5000-5999 Or you may select individual choices from the following:
5000-99 Durable goods
5100-99 Nondurable goods RETAIL TRADE
5200-99 Building materials, hardware etc.
5300-99 General merchandise
5400-99 Food stores
5500-99 Automotive dealers and gas stations
5600-99 Apparel and accessories
5700-99 Furniture, home furnishings, etc.
5800-99 Eating and drinking places
5900-99 Miscellaneous retail stores FINANCE, INSURANCE, AND REAL ESTATE
This will select ALL categories from 6000-6999 Or you may select individual choices from the following:
6000-99 Banking
6100-99 Credit agencies other than banks
6200-99 Security brokers, dealers, etc.
6300-99 Insurance carriers
6400-99 Insurance agents and brokers
6500-99 Real Estate
6600-99 Real estate, Insurance, Loans & Law Offices
6700-99 Holding and other investment companies SERVICES
This will select ALL categories from 7000-7999 Or you may select individual choices from the following:
7000-99 Hotels, motels and trailer parks
7200-99 Personal services (Laundry, Barbers, Funeral)
7300-99 Business services (Advertising, Mailing, Data Processing)
7500-99 Automobile repair services
7800-99 Motion pictures
7900-99 Amusement and recreation services
This will select ALL categories from 8000-8999 Or you may select individual choices from the following:
8000-99 Medical and other health services
8100-99 Legal services
8200-99 Educational services
8300-99 Social services
8400-99 Museums, art galleries
8600-99 Nonprofit membership organizations
8700-99 Engineering, R&D, Management & CPA Services
8800-99 Private households
8900-99 Miscellaneous services PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION
This will select ALL categories from 9000-9999 Or you may select individual choices from the following:
9100-99 Executive, legislative, general, except finance
9200-99 Justice, public order and safety
9300-99 Public finance, taxation and monetary policy
9400-99 Administration of human resources programs
9500-99 Admin. of environmental quality and housing prog.
9600-99 Administration of economic programs
9700-99 National security and international affairs NONCLASSIFIABLE ESTABLISHMENTS
9900-99 Nonclassifiable establishments
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