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The Hidden Jobs in Southern California are not easily found. Company details and inside information are required. We, at JOB SEARCH, provide this kind of data conveniently and fast.

Typically, you start out by searching for companies within reasonable commute distances from your home. Employers are more likely to hire local applicants than someone from far away. Our FREE Company Search program will help you find companies within your geographic and industry preferences. We can also provide a temporary local address & phone for anyone wishing to relocate.

The next step is to review several hundred local companies and target 25 to 50, growing, dynamic organizations with products or services that would benefit from your skills, experience and education. Simply use our Company List Order Form to get a listing of specific companies that meet your search requirements.

Finally, you should mail your resume with an appropriate cover letter to decision makers in each of your target companies. Your resume should be concise and tailored to the needs of the company. Our Company Details Order Form will provide the necessary information to reach decision makers within each target company.

These simple steps will help you find the hidden jobs and conduct an informed interview. JOB SEARCH has the resources to make it all happen. Your efforts and patience will result in a rewarding career position and not just 'another' job.

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