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JOB SEARCH                                 VOICE:  (805) 496-9908
137 East Thousand Oaks Blvd., Suite 203    FAX:    (805) 496-5512
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360                    E-MAIL: jobsearch@adnetsol.com
URL: http://jsearch.com

Peter H. Wolf, President
JOB SEARCH was established in 1985 with the sole purpose of satisfying the rigorous employment demands of Southern California companies and job seekers.

JOB SEARCH does not charge the typical recruiting fees to the employer nor any recruiting fees to the job seeker. We focus on meeting the personal and corporate needs of Executives, Managers and Professionals.

With a computerized data collection system absolutely unique to the industry, JOB SEARCH maintains and updates information on more than 3,000 local job seekers; over 5,000 local job postings and profiles of 40,000 Southern California companies.

JOB SEARCH offers instant access to more than 2,000 local, qualified and pre-screened job candidates. Our databases are expanded by hundreds of new job seekers every month ensuring a steady source of candidate selections. All candidates are interviewed and their resumes summarized and posted on our WEB Site for immediate access. Our exclusive Resume DataBank can be conveniently searched by keywords.

The entire Resume DataBank can also be downloaded from our WEB site or provided on Floppy Disk or CD-ROM for easy use at home or at the office without Internet connections.

For a small registration fee, the employer is given the candidate's contact information. Employer job listings or a link from our WEB site to an employer's job site is available. And remember... JOB SEARCH never charges a recruiting fee when condidates are hired!

JOB SEARCH helps executives, managagers and professionals find employment in Southern California. Immediate access to over 5,000 local job postings and up to-the-minute information on 40,000 Southern California companies is available. We help target companies with an instant analysis of industry type, company size and commute distance that meet the job seeker's requirements.

We can write a job winning resume and cover letter, mail it to any number of prospective employers and post a resume in the Resume DataBank on our WEB site. Fill out our short Request Form and receive a FREE summary report of local companies matching your preferences.

JOB SEARCH has been in the business of filling jobs fast for 13 years. We are the HUMAN RESOURCEful Company.

We would appreciate any comments on our services.